Circus Videography - Insights Into A Successful Video Marketing Campaign

A Great Read For: Business Owners, Event Coordinators & Marketing Specialists

On the July 28th 2018, Le Cirque Volé came to Palmerston North! This spectacular show involved a number of performances from The Dust Palace, New Zealand's pre-eminent circus theatre company. I was fortunate enough to film and produce two promotional videos for the event hosts, Venues & Events Palmerston North. It was an incredible experience to be involved with such a large production at the Fly Palmy Arena (3000 ticket sales), and so certainly worthy of a blog post, where I will reflect on some of my experiences and insights as an event videographer and social media specialist.  

Behind The Scenes

The first video we produced was a documentary style “sneak peak” into the events preparations. We filmed this video over three days prior to the event and released it the day before the event was being held as a final push for sales (it was an overnight editing turnaround!). The video instantly performed incredibly well, and on Facebook today, it sits at 8,400 views, 79 reactions, 25 comments and 49 shares (see it here on Central Energy Trust Arena’s Facebook page). Not bad for a business page with less than 6,000 members! For me, this highlighted the power of “behind the scenes” footage for building hype and interest. We all want to feel involved in the story and part of the show; the raw and casual access to key organisers (such as Dust Palace directors Mike Edwards and Eve Gordon) certainly helped achieve this.

Watch the Le Cirque Volé Sneak Peak:

Event Night

The second video was a recap of the event night itself. The goal with this video was to get hearts pumping, so it clearly warranted a more dramatic and cinematic approach. As you can imagine, it’s not hard to make an event look exciting when you have so many spectacular performances to work with, however, capturing perfect footage was still quite challenging due to the constantly changing arena lighting and complexity of the performances. Thankfully, I had sat through the dress rehearsal, so I had an idea of what was coming on the night - in particular, when there would be a sudden lighting change or a big aerial drop!

Picking music for the final video edit was also challenging given the diversity of the show, but we ended up using a great song called Lucid Dreaming from Epidemic Sound. This is an incredible royalty free track with a ton of energy to match the big acrobatic drops, yet also has a melodic build up to match the more intimate shots. The songs’ vocals also tie in beautifully with the Le Cirque Volé themes of love and dreaming.

All in all, I was extremely happy with the final edit, which also went on to perform well on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the Le Cirque Volé Event Recap:

Overall, I really enjoyed working with two contrasting storytelling styles and I believe that this two part approach was a key factor in Central Energy Trust Arena’s outstanding success on social media. I want to thank Venues & Events Palmerston North for their support and hosting in the impressive Fly Palmy Arena. Also, a big thanks to The Dust Palace crew for their friendly and professional support during filming - and of course some incredible performances that I will never forget!

Are you a business looking to promote your events with video? Here are some key tips:

  1. Consider both a pre-event and post-event video strategy. My experience with Le Cirque Volé has highlighted the effectiveness of pre-event video content for building event hype and interest, particularly paired with a “behind the scenes” approach.  

  2. Pick a videographer that can offer fast turnarounds as timing is critical, particularly with pre-event video content.

  3. Pick a videographer with social media experience and understanding. It seems obvious, but context is king.

  4. Give your videographer access to the dress rehearsal (if applicable). A good videographer will want to be prepared.

If you have any questions or need any videography assistance with your next event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!